YouTube is about to launch a new feature called Shorts


This new feature, called “Shorts”, allows you to upload short videos on the YouTube Mobile App’s feed, like those videos, and subscribe to the content creator.

Tik Tok has been one of the most successful apps in the past year for creating short videos. It has become so popular that over 800 million users have joined TiK Tok over the past few years, increasing by 15% every year.

YouTube Shorts is accessible on the Android and iOS smartphone device. No notice is yet made of YouTube launching it for the desktop app. To YouTube, a website that primarily caters to long-form content, that will be a significant step.

Due to its immense popularity, Facebook created an app called Lasso to try and compete with it in Brazil but did not success.

However, YouTube is currently working on adding a new feature to the YouTube App that can compete with Tik Tok.

However, this is not the first function YouTube is introducing inspired. Earlier in 2018, YouTube introduced the Instagram and Snapchat-like Stories app. With more than 10,000 users, youTube creators may upload Stories. But, unlike Instagram and Snapchat which expires in 24 hours, YouTube Stories last for a week.

It is now reported that YouTube has taken this facility to a select group of people.

Creating video through YouTube Shorts enables users to select their favorite track and create their own video from a large selection of Licensed Music tracks already added to YouTube.

It is reported that they hope to make this facility available to all users worldwide before the end of this year.

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