YouTube has reduced the default video quality of YouTube videos to 480p


YouTube has reduced YouTube’s default video quality from 720p (HD) and 1080p (Full HD) to 480p, or standard differentiation, primarily for European countries.

However, this setting has been made available for YouTube users around the world, but they show that you can switch back to HD or Full HD if you want.

As a result of this outbreak of coronavirus, many people around the world are increasingly looking to use the YouTube service to avoid network problems due to increased internet usage and this move was taken to avoid potential problems with network capacity due to the rapid increase in internet usage.

YouTube is hoping that this will reduce the impact on internet service providers, especially since the Internet is the focus of entertainment and education these days.

In addition, streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have similarly reduced the default quality of their video steaming services and are limited to Europe.

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