Wireless Charging via NFC Technology

Wireless Charging via NFC

Wireless Charging via NFC Technology.

Wireless charging and reverse wireless charging is now a feature of premium smartphones, which transmit power across devices using a fairly long wire.

Wireless Charging via NFC

Qi is the flagship standard for this wireless technology, and the latest Qi wireless charging technology enables fast charging of up to 10W.

The NFC Forum has announced a new wireless charging facility that will enable wireless charging. However, the NFC form states that the latest NFC technology is not fast enough. It only gets 1W of power and is designed for IoT devices and smaller consumer devices.

Because the space available on such small devices is very limited, this feature enables manufacturers to make maximum use of space if their devices have an NFC chip and do not need a separate wireless charging module.

For example, you can use NFC support to wirelessly charge a Bluetooth headset with NFC technology to pair with another device. In this case, the NFC antenna can be used for both information sharing and transmission of power.

Use the same antenna for communication and charging. NFC Forum states that this technology will make wireless charging of devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, wireless earbuds and digital pens easier.

However, the XDA-Developers website states that this feature will not be used for devices with older NFC chips and a new hardware specification will be proposed.

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