The graphic source code of Xbox Series X stolen and adds it to the Internet


The Xbox Series X, the latest series of Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console, is known for its graphic ability that has caused controversy among gamers worldwide.

However, AMD claims that a hacker has already stolen the source code for their currently manufactured and future GPUs, and added them to the Internet.

This source code applies to the AMD Navi 10, Navi 21 and Arden GPUs, and is believed to be powered by the Microsoft Xbox Series X through the Arden GPU.

The source code has been added to the Internet via Microsoft’s GitHub, and at the request of AMD, Microsoft has removed the repository.

In a recent interview with TorrentFreak, the hacker said that if the information was not sold to any party, all the related files would be added to the Internet.

However, AMD said the information contained in the person does not compromise the safety or competitiveness of AMD products and that legal assistance is being used to take further action.

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