The first AI-Powered, Language-Teaching Roybi Robot for children


Artificial intelligence makes many creative experiments. An American company has developed a modern robot that can be used to educate children. This is called the Roybi robots. ROYBI is an amazingly adorable early educational mobile robot ready to revolutionize education for children.

ROYBI can grow up with children, learn about their behaviors, interests and even become a wonderful little friend. ROYBI can deliver amazing educational content in language development to fit every child based on the learning technology.

He can see expressions, feelings, laugh, weep and entertain children in a friendly, engaging manner. ROYBI may move freely around their homes and accompany them. This helps parents to monitor the progress of a child learning by counting the words they learn.

Roybi has over 500 lessons and over 70,000 words. Roybi robots are recommended for children ages 3-7. Roybi robots come with 8 hours of battery life and a wireless charging plate. The camera on the face of Roybi robots allows to watch and talk to your child online.

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