Telegram group video calls to be added within this year.


Telegram group video calls are expected to be added within this year. Telegram is a messaging app with over 400 million active users and can be introduced as a very rich service, among other messaging apps.

They point out that the world’s video calling services now offer only one of the two options, secure or usable, and that a secure and easy-to-use group video calling service is yet to be found.

However, Telegram said it is currently working on providing a secure group video call service for its Telegram app, which will be delivered later this year.

They also say that they are very concerned about security in this facility. According to Telegram’s statistics, by 2018 they had only 200 million users, and they reached 400 million users in one year.

They say that at least 1.5 million new users are signing up for the service every day, and this is the most downloaded social media app, or social networking app, in over 20 countries.

Telegram has provided a number of new features for these users to pass the 400 million milestone. They have also allocated 400,000 euros to provide educational tests to developers through Educational Quizz.

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