Android 10 app freezing and unresponsive UI issues reported

Android 10 app freezing

A significant number of Android 10 users have reported stability issues in their OS with Android 10 app freezing.

After Artem Russakovskii posted on his Twitter account on the Android Police website, many other users have responded to the Android 10 app freezing problem.

They say that an app is often freeze on their device, and then the UI becomes completely unresponsive.

When the situation arises, the app does not respond to the back, the home screen, or the notification shade, and it will recover after the device locks for a few seconds.

Most of these incidents have been reported to users of Google Pixel devices (using the stock pixel launcher), some OnePlus and Xiaomi devices.

This is not a problem with the launcher, as third-party launchers (such as Nova Launcher and Action Launcher) are also facing this problem on their Android 10 running devices.

Many people say that the problem with freezing these apps is when using apps like Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, YouTube Music, and Google Play Store.

However, there is no clear answer to this issue, and so far Google has not made any official statement.

You can use the Android Police website to learn more about this.

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