Samsung is seeking approval for a brand-new display called Samsung PIFF


Samsung introduced the AMOLED display for mobile phones in 2008. Nokia N85 was the first mobile phone to be released with an AMOLED display.

Despite the many shortcomings, AMOLED is the most effective solution for mobile phone display.

Later, Samsung introduced Super AMOLED, a dynamic AMOLED display that supports HDR10 + as its own extended version.

This Dynamic AMOLED display is included in all high end phones including the recently released Galaxy S10.

However, Samsung has approved a new brand called Samsung PIFF, which is described in nine main categories – simply a new display for mobile phones.

However, the Panel Type has not been revealed yet and there is no report on whether it will be powered by a Mini LED or a Micro LED, or whether it will be an OLED Panel for 5G services.

Samsung has used P-OLED technology for its Fordable devices, where P is plastic.

So PIFF is also predicted to be P-plastic, which is likely to be a screen type for the upcoming Fordable devices as well as the Galaxy Note 20 Series that will be released later this year.

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