Samaung Galaxy Fold Lite/e @ low-cost

Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite/e

Samaung Galaxy Fold Lite/e @ low-cost. Samsung has taken the lead in the manufacture of foldable phones and is now progressively ahead of every other company that makes foldable phones.

Samsung has just released the Galaxy Z Flip for $ 1400 and the Galaxy Fold at close to $ 2,000. Those consumers who still have a normal economy dream of buying them because of their high cost.

However, Max Weinbach, who is known for hinting at tech accessories, posted on his Twitter account that Samsung is working on a low-cost folding phone.

The 9to5google website reports that the device will be priced at around $ 1100 and will be named Galaxy Fold Lite or Galaxy Fold e.

Samaung Galaxy Fold Lite/e

However, another technical informant, Mauri QHD, who replied to the Twitter message, said the price would be around $ 900.

According to Max Weinbach’s Twitter message, Samsung is working on three new folding devices, two of which include plastic screens and the other includes a UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) display.

He speculates that the plastic screen might be the cheapest device and the UTG screen could be included in the Galaxy Fold 2. The third device will be the 2nd version of the Galaxy Z Flip.

Whatever the truth of this information, it is clear that Samsung is more active in the process of manufacturing folding devices compared to other companies.

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