How to Find your Wi-Fi network password in Windows 10


When the password on your Wi-Fi network has been lost or forgotten, you will find it if you already have another Windows PC connected to your Wi-Fi network. Upon discovering your password, you can use this on another PC or tablet to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

If the Windows 10 runs on your Computer, please follow below steps on the Windows 10 Machine that is attached to your Wi-Fi network.


On Windows 10, select the Start  button and type “settings”.

  • Then select Settings  > Network & Internet  
  • Now Press on “Change adapter option” link.
  • Then select wifi icon and Double click on it.
  • Then wi-fi status widow open and select wireless properties.
  • Now You can see Wireless Network Properties window open.
  • Then select the Security tab on Wireless Network Properties window.
  • Next Tick on Show Characters.
  • Now you can see the Wi-Fi password

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