How to convert Hand writing by Google Lens


All we have a question how to convert Hand writing by Google Lens. Google Lens is one of the services that Google has introduced since its inception, and has already provided many useful features.

The latest feature introduced in Google Lens is the ability to copy / paste handwriting, which allows you to scan a handwritten letter, such as a letter written on your smartphone, through Google Lens and copy it to your mobile phone.

Google Lens

Google has also made it possible to send scanned text directly to the computer by clicking on the “Copy to Computer” button. Your computer needs to be signed up through Google chrome.

In addition to copy / paste, you can listen to whatever language you are scanning and learn how to spell a word that you do not know.

All you have to do is select the text and click on the “Listen” option.

How to convert Hand writing by Google Lens

If Google has to do a search on the selected text, then Google no longer has to open another app and give it an option below.

Google has released all these features to Android users from May 7th, and you will get the update in the next few weeks.

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