Twitter commands all Twitter employees worldwide to work from home


Twitter has announced that all Twitter employees around the world will have to work at home until they are notified of the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus these days.

Jennifer Christie, Vice-, People, said in a blog post, “Informed all workers worldwide that they have to operate from home.”

“Our highest concern remains the health and wellbeing of our Tweeps and we also have a duty to help our communities, disadvantaged people and health care professionals who are at the frontline of this pandemic,” Christie said in her blog post.

Though the company is doing work from home, she also said Twitter will continue to help its workers and other people connected with the company.

“We listened to feedback from employees and extended our policy to include home office furniture such as desks, desk chairs and ergonomic chair cushions. We’re also encouraging Tweeps to spend online fees when working from home,” Christie said.

Christie said that if they were not able to carry out their duties from home, the salary of employed contractors and seasonal employees would not be reduced. “Twitter will have to pay its payroll costs to cover normal working hours when the work-from-home guidelines and/or travel limits on Twitter in relation to its assigned office are in place,” Christie said.

In addition to this, they have also introduced a program that allows them to make money through their Twitter account if they want to set up a workplace at home.

Twitter’s Inclusion and Diversity team will also host a virtual “# FlockTalk,” an employee engagement network to address how “COVID-19 news impacts people in a number of ways — from closed schools and workplaces to severe health issues, to bigotry against groups.”

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 formally a pandemic.  There are currently around 118,000 reported deaths in 114 countries, with the global roll of death exceeding 4,000.

The steps taken by the giant social media echo reactions across the tech industry in the United States, with Microsoft Corp and others agreeing to paying seasonal employees unable to do their jobs on-site, and even urging others who can turn to working remotely.

Major conferences throughout the United States are being postponed, including this month’s South by Southwest festival, the May Google I / O developer conference and the June E3 gaming expo. Regional and state authorities also enforce restrictions on large crowd gatherings, while the National Basketball Association suspended its season after a positive Covid-19 case among its players was reported.

Huge events across the US are being cancelled, including this month’s South by Southwest festival, the Google I / O developer conference.


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