GTA V Game is free through the Epic Games Store

GTA V Game for free

GTA V Game is free through the Epic Games Store. Now, Epic Games has launched GTA V for free through their Epic Games store, which will be available for free until the 22nd of this month.

Grand Theft Auto V Game is free through the Epic Games Store

Once in a while, you’ll be able to play for a lifetime free of charge, and if you haven’t yet got the chance, just go to the link below and add it to your Epic Games account.

How to add GTA V Game to your Epic Game Account.

The free version of this GTA V game is the Premium Edition, which also includes the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, giving you a million in-game credits to spend on the game.

The news quickly caught the attention of computer gamers around the world, and Epic Games’ servers are now being ordered out of order.

As a result, their services have been inactive for several hours and the site and their other game servers have been inactive for hours.

However, they are currently working to restore it and if you see an error, you can try it out a few times.

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