Google plans to introduce Google Card similar to Apple card


As you already know about the Apple card that Apple offers to iPhone users and now Google plans to introduce Google Card similar to Apple card.

Google’s existing Google Pay service enables the user to add a card to the service and make online and peer-to-peer payments, but this is an upgrade to the new Google Card.

It is also reported that the Apple card offered by Apple is a complete credit card, but the Google Card is a Visa Debit card issued by financial institutions such as Citi iy Stanford Federal Credit Union.

Apple is offering cash back offers to those users who use their card, but there is no word yet on any of the benefits of this Google card. Back offers to be provided, but there is still information on such a beneficial thing on this Google Card.

In 2013, Google introduced a Wallet Debit card as part of their then-existing Google Wallet service, but they dropped it in 2016.

Google has not yet made an official announcement on this, nor is there yet any official information on whether or not the project will be given to regular users.

Google plans to introduce Google Card

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