Google is releasing the second Developer Preview for Android 11


Google released the first developer preview of the Android 11 version in February and Google has just released the second developer preview version of the Android 11 version.

This release is not aimed at the normal user, but rather is aimed at making Android OS ready for developers and upcoming technologies.

This includes several improvements to the API, including the ability to know the current 5G method via the 5G state API, the ability to detect folding devices at some point through the AndroidX API, and improvements to the call screen. This will enable developers to create the next available apps in a more user-friendly way.

They have also added synchronized IME transitions, or soft keyboard scroll capabilities to match the content of the app.

In addition, the display’s refresh rate can be adjusted via apps, such as the variable refresh rate, the resume on reboot, or the ability to set up the app automatically after rebooting the device, further the Android Emulator is capable of using both the front camera and back camera options.

Wireless debugging is also a feature that many developers want, with the new Developer Preview 2 version, which allows users to perform wireless debugging without having to resort to different methods.

After this Developer preview, another developer preview will be released from April, and then released to beta versions. Google hopes to have a final release of this year’s third quarter.

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