Google Chrome New feature for managing tabs


Google Chrome New feature for managing tabs.

Google has reportedly introduced a new feature to better manage all tabs in Chrome Browser.

Google Chrome New feature for managing tabs

Google has announced that it will be releasing the Chrome Stable version in the coming week with the Beta version of Chrome, as it will be able to separate and rename the tabs to a specific color and call it the Tab Groups.

This feature can be used by right-clicking the tab and clicking on the “Add tab to group” menu, where you can add an existing group or tab to a newly created group.

However, some websites report that Google has been testing this feature for months.

Preliminary tests show that most people organize their tabs according to their work as well as Review Sites or Shopping websites, while others use tabs, ASAP, This Week, and Later depending on the importance of the tab.

They also point out that it is possible to use Emoji instead of using names for this Tab group.

This tab issue has been a problem for a long time, and many tab management extensions such as OneTab, Workona, Toby have been created.

Other browsers, such as opera, have introduced this feature to their customers.

However, Google is not too worried about this, and although they still dominate desktop web browsers, their market share fell from 71.15% to 67.15% in April 2019.

The same thing could be attributed to the latest launch and this feature will soon be available to all users using Windows, Mac, Linux.

If you would like to try this feature through the Chrome beta version, you can download it through the link above.

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