Facebook is set to launch a 50 people Messenger Room


With the outbreak of the COVID 19 outbreak, worldwide has tended to use technology to keep their connections closer, and in many countries the number of video calls between WhatsApp and Messenger accounts has more than doubled, according to Facebook. So Facebook is set to launch a new messenger room called 50 Messenger Room with up to 50 people simultaneously.

Facebook Messenger already has video call capability, but it has only a maximum of six calls per call, and Facebook has now increased it to 50.

This new feature, called Messenger Room, allows you to add a group of people who can join a video call, or set up a group, or even a room, by clicking on a video call link sent by the admin, even if you don’t have a Facebook account. Being able to connect to the relevant call.

These types of Rooms that you create can also be shared through your Facebook News Feed, Group and Events. The video call can be accessed at any time without any restriction and the messenger room is connected to the Messenger App. And If you connect to Messenger Room with the Messenger App, there is no barrier to using the new features in the app, including AR Effect.

You can leave the call at any time and Admin can remove you from the call and the room at any time. The Messenger Room can also be locked so that others cannot connect to the call you made.

However, Messenger Room does not currently have end-to-end encryption, and Facebook says it is a complex task, with as many as 50 calls per call.

Facebook also announced that it intends to introduce end-to-end encryption technology for Messenger Room in the future.

Facebook said that the security and privacy of Messenger Rooms are designed to be user-controlled, and that the feature will be made available to several countries this week and to other countries in the coming weeks.

Facebook has also released updates to its other services, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

WhasApp Group Calls

In the future, WhatsApp Group Voice Calls and Video Calls will be able to connect up to eight people, and Facebook will continue to protect privacy through end-to-end encryption.


Facebook Live Videos have announced that they will be able to connect with another person in the near future and that personal distance is not a problem and anyone can join.

Facebook has also made it easy for donors to donate a live button for the purpose of raising funds for the purpose of fundraising. And Facebook believes that this will make it easier for donors to get involved.

Another important step is to provide an audio-only option to watch Live Videos in the event of Limited Data Connection.


Live videos can also be viewed and commented on using a desktop computer, allowing Instagram users to view on a wider screen.

Live videos will eventually save these videos to IGTV and they will be able to save videos even after 24 hours.

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