Fortnite mobile game Now Available on Google Playstore

Fortnite Apps on Google Play

Epic is also releasing the Fortnite mobile game through Google Playstore. It’s been almost 18 months since Fortnite first launched on Android , but so far they haven’t made it to the Google Play Store.

Previously, it could be downloaded through the Epic Games Store, and the main reason why Fortnite was not included in the Google Play Store was that Google was charging 30% of the game’s total revenue.

They criticized Google for charging 30% of the total revenue when the game maker received only 70% of the revenue to support the game development, offering only payment processing and download bandwidth.

However, Epic Games has decided to release it to the Google Play Store as well. And Applications that downloaded from outside the Google Play Store were blocked by Google Play Protect, which they say had to make the decision.

Fortnite Apps on Google Play
Fortnite mobile game through Google Playstore

As such, they are offering the Fortnite game through the Google Play Store in addition to the Epic Games Store and now you can download Fortnite for free through the Google Play Store.

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