Critical security vulnerability found in popular antivirus Apps


Kaspersky detects a common security vulnerability in 28 popular antivirus software, including Defender. Often we choose antivirus software or a virus guard to compare the best one and It is now known that there is only one weakness in all of them.

In an experiment by Rack911 Labs, 28 most popular antivirus software such as Microsoft Defender, McAfee Endpoint Security, and Kaspersky Internet Security reported that the attacker had a vulnerability / ability to delete important files.

This vulnerability, known as “symlink races”, enables the deletion of malicious files, or virus-infected files, by creating symbolic links (shortcut-like links) for files in the antivirus software or operating system.

Usually this kind of antivirus software works at all accessible levels in an operating system so that it can give the attacker the ability to delete any file.

The downside of this is that a hacker is able to perform a simple way of protecting the computer by destroying the files by deleting the virus guard.

The following is a list of antivirus programs that have this vulnerability on their respective operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The announcement was made on April 20th, and by April 24th, almost all of the aforementioned antivirus software makers have patched the vulnerability and By updating your virus guard, you can avoid this dangerous situation.

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