Bolo app to improve young’s reading skills

Bolo app that will improve young children's reading skills

Bolo app to improve young’s reading skills

Last year, Google released an Android app for kids in India called Bolo, which aims to improve children’s reading skills in English and Hindi. Google has already made it available to 180 other countries under the name Read Along.

The main purpose of this app is to help primary school students improve their reading skills and continue their education in the midst of school closures due to coronavirus.

Bolo app to improve young's reading skills
Bolo app to improve young’s reading skills

[How to download Bolo: Learn to read English & more with Google] -Go through the below link.

Google has created a built-in reading assistant called Diya in this app to help a child try to pronounce a word or phrase. This assistant program helps the child identify difficult situations to pronounce and to help him.

Depending on how well the children do the job, stars and badges will be provided, and parents will be able to create profiles for each of their children separately.

Google says the app is designed to protect children’s privacy and can work without Wi-Fi or data connectivity.

Google also emphasizes that they are not using voice samples in any way to improve the app.

It does not include anything related to advertising or purchasing and if you want to download additional stories, parents can download the related stories online and there is no additional cost.

The Read Along app has now been released for free to anyone around the world, and it is available for viewing in several languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu.

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