Apple’s focus on restarting Air Power Charging Mat


Apple unveiled the iPhone 8 and iPhone X on September 12, 2017, and officially announced the AirPower wireless charging mat during the event. They showed that the Mat can charge three different devices simultaneously, For example, they have shown that the iPhone can charge AirPods and Apple Watch simultaneously.

However, Apple has decided to stop the project after 18 months due to practical problems such as placing devices on the mat, overlaying the coil inside the mat, and overheating the original version. Announced.

After about a year, however, the story of the charging mat reappeared, with Front Page Tech founder John Prosser remarking on Twitter that the project had been restarted.

However, Apple has not confirmed that it will restart the project, so there is no word yet on when the upgraded devices will arrive.

However, the European Union has stipulated that Apple should use a USB Type C port for all mobile phones, so Apple is more likely to switch to wireless charging.

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