Apple’s artificial group selfie-making technology

Apple ‘s artificial group selfie-making technology

Apple’s artificial group selfie-making technology. Social distancing, or social distance, is an important issue during this Covid-19, so we have to be very careful with our closest friends.

As a result, group selfies have become a risky business, but Apple has reportedly come up with a solution.

Apple’s artificial group selfie-making technology

Apple has patented a software for creating synthetic group selfies, or “artificial group selfies,” as the Protocol website shows, so that all your friends can connect online and have one selfie, even if your friends are elsewhere. Granted.

In summary, this technology allows Apple users to invite their friends to group selfies using their iPad or iPhone, and they can participate in a single selfie by accepting the invitation.

Here, the software will process all of the selfies taken separately into a single photo, then save the group photo to the phone and hopefully change the position.

Users can keep the original selfie as well as the group version, and the user who sent the invite as well as the users who joined the invite have the ability to make changes to the selfie image.

Apple has applied for this patent in 2018, although it seems good to offer this feature at a time when there is a global pandemic limiting crowdsourcing, and it was received on June 2 last year.

However, Apple has a number of such patents, which have not yet been released through the software, and the release date of this feature is still uncertain.

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