Apple headphone to market?

When Apple says so, there’s no one who doesn’t know. There is a huge demand in the world for Apple products in particular. So nowadays, a lot of people talk about what the next Apple devices are. However, the latest reports say that Apple is planning to launch a brand new product that has not yet been made.

This product, dubbed “Apple AirPods (X Generation)”, is a “HeadPhone”. The headphone, which is expected to be launched in the market for $ 399, is available in three colors, according to online reports. Apple has long reported that it will be making a “Bluetooth Headphone”, although it has been delayed due to various reasons.

However, this is not the only product. Apple will soon launch a range of new products. Apple is also planning to release a new 4.7-inch budget iPhone with the latest technology. However, this information has not been officially confirmed by Apple, and information on the Internet is likely to change.

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