Apple has become the fastest mobile phone in the world


Apple has become the fastest mobile phone in the world, surpassing all competitors. The new Iphone model comes with the A11 Bionic chip, making it faster than any other Android phone.

Iphone8 has become the fastest phone as a result of four tests recently conducted by Tom’s Guide team at Level 4.

The Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 5T are two of the best Android phones and the iphone8 outperformed both of them.

The research team says that although huawei is ranked second in the world in terms of mobile phone sales, they are now seeing signs of losing it.

According to their research, Performance achieved 10,472 iphone 8+ marks and 10,170 iphone8 points.

And Graphic (3DMark Test) did not work well with Android phones.

Apple is also leading the new smartphone with cameras, while Htc / Google releases have seen a drop in sales.

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