How to clear search history in Edge Browser

How to clear Browsing history in edge

Edge is Microsoft’s new browser that comes with Windows 10 operating system. Like any other browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), Edge browser also records a history of the websites you visit.

Now i will teach you how to erase or delete search history in edge browser.

How To Clear Search History In Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge remembers and stores  all your browsing history—including the website you have visited, info you’ve entered into forms, passwords. Most of this info is stored on your PC only so you can delete it permanently.

1. Open your Microsoft Edge browser.

2.To view your browsing history, select “Hub” (3 vertical lines)

2. There you will see 5 Icons

  •  Book Mark-Star Symbol,
  •  Reading List
  •  Books
  •  History- Clock like symbol.
  •  Downloads

3. Now select History icon (Clock like symbol).

4. You can see your complete browsing history here. click on “Clear all History” button.

5. it will show you a menu with some previously selected items. you may proceed with it or you can add or remove few more option from menu to delete history.

6. Tap on “Clear”.

Congratulation you have successfully removed edge browsing history.

How To Delete History In Edge Browser


This is another simple method to clear or remove search history in edge browser.

1. Open your Edge browser.

2. At the top right, you will see Menu button “…” (3 Dots) click on it.

3. Select “Settings”.

4. Now scroll down and look for ” Choose what to clear” under ” Clear browsing data”.

5. Now it will show you some option to choose. you add else ignore and proceed to clear browsing history.

6. Click on “Clear”

Now you have successfully cleared all your Microsoft edge browser history. Edge browser in private mode/Incognito mode.

Edge Private mode do not story any of your search information.

How To Use Edge Browser In Private/Incognito Mode

Follow the steps to use Microsoft edge browser in Private/Incognito mode

1. Open your Edge Browser.

2. At the top right, you will see Menu button “…” (3 Dots) click on it.

3. There you will see 2 option at the top (New window, New InPrivateWindow)

4. Select “New InPrivateWindow”. This open in a new tab.

Best thing about Edge Private/Incognito Window will not save any search data or websites you visit.

Most of you search info is stored on your computer, but if you use Cortana for search, some info is also stored in the cloud. You can also delete it.

Hope this information will help you to clear or delete search history in Edge Browser. Feel free to ask any query related to this issue. Give your feedback in the comment section.

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