How to Delete Yahoo Search History

How to Delete Yahoo Search History

Most Web browsers keep a history of your search terms and what web pages you have visited. Yahoo also keeps a track of your search history. If you would like to delete your Yahoo search history, follow the steps to remove or delete yahoo search history from your internet browser’s settings. Remember Yahoo is only Search Engine not Browser.

If you are looking for “How to Delete or clear Yahoo search history”, you might be using  Yahoo as your default search engine.  Follow the bellow instruction to Erase Yahoo search history.

How To Delete Yahoo Search History in Chrome Browser:

Your yahoo browser stores your searches history  on computer. Yahoo! Toolbar will also remember your recent searches. Anyone who has access to your computer can easily see what you have searched for and what website you visit everyday. If you don’t clear yahoo history regularly you can be easily discovered and embarrassed. Clear yahoo history to protect your privacy.

1. Open your chrome browser.

2. Search somthing in Yahoo search bo

3. Select More Tools. Then, select the “Clear browsing history” checkbox.

You can clear all your yahoo search history in one go by selecting “clear last 3 months browsing data”. or you can only select particular website.

How To  Delete Yahoo History In Firefox Browser


1. Open your Firefox browser.

2. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox menu.

3.There you will see the History menu with a clock like symbol. Select it.

4. it will show you Yahoo search history. click on ” clear your recent history”.

5. A Popup will open asking you to select ” Lats Hour, Today, Everything”. select whatever you want and click CClear now. you Yahoo search history will be deleted.

How To Delete Yahoo Search History in Safari/iPhone:

Now lets check how to delete or clear Yahoo search history from Safari browser.

1. Open your Safari Browser and click on Edit.

2. Then, select Reset Safari

3. A popup will then ask what you want to reset in Safari browser. You can choose from the menu.

4. To clear the browsing History select “Clear History” and delete the webpage or search terms from your Yahoo search History.

Deleting your Google activity permanently will definitely help you improve your online privacy.

Hope this information will help you to clear your Yahoo search history. Feel free to ask any query related to this issue. Give your feedback in the comment section.

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